foot worship6 Forced By A Footdom Bitch

This is a clip of my good friend Olga, a devoted footdom mistress, having a ball with one of her chosen slaves. She forced the poor guy in to worshipping her feet and she will not hesitate to use her whip to help him keep his focus. She wants her toes sucked and her feet admired like it was a stack of gold bars. Her slave doesn’t know it’s just a warm up for the real deal. He is facing her rude torture foot dom after his licking session. Click through and find out why and how this filthy man bitch is getting punished!

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foot worship1 Freewill Female Foot Worship

There are different kinds of female foot worship; today we are seeing a freewill (as opposed to forced) one. Slaveboy David had to change mistresses for his third femdom training session and he was introduced to domina Katja who is well known for her footdom skills. David was dreaming of a session with this gorgeous Russian domina for a long time, so it was a dream come true for him. His foot fetish was a gift instead of a burden. Off course it wouldn’t be a real slave work out without torture and punishment, so after he licked Katja’s pretty feet he still had to face his fears. His reward was more toe sucking and sole admiring.

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foot worship2 Feet Smother By A Shoe Worship Mistress

Shoe worship mistress Madeline, a good friend of mine, had a special treat for her manmeat the other day. Instead of pampering him with her usual shoe games she decided to give him a bit of torture this time by taking of her leather boots and let him feel her feet. She uses his face for a real good feet smother and he was hating it. He couldn’t breathe and he couldn’t stand her bare feet on his body. His shoe fetish came with a hate for bare feet and he was disgusted with them. Madeline thought the time was come for him to get over it and she incorporated it as a new goal in his trainings.

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foot worship3 CBT Femdom, Signed Yours Truly

Me and my partner in crime got our hands on one of the new guys and we had something special for him in our minds. Wearing nothing than our sexy heels and stockings we welcomed him and immediately forced him to strip naked and get down on the floor. His fearful eyes were saying more than his mouth when I stepped on his body to give him a good high heel trample. I bet he wasn’t expecting me to go stand on his filthy dick and hairy balls and he certainly wasn’t expecting me to do it with my full weight. It’s full force cbt femdom and he was going to remember us for a long time to come.

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Many people have their own belief around how foot fetishes were actually created. Some people believe that in historic times, some cultures actually worshiped a woman’s feet as part of their religion of beliefs. Another theory of how female foot worship came into existence is because some men are way too overwhelmed b the female body as a whole to really be turned on by all aspects of it, so they focus on just one body part like a woman’s feet, her ass, her breasts, or her legs or some other part. Since they’re overwhelmed by the female body and all of its sexiness as a whole, they can only focus on one or two parts, which is a good possibility why many of the more strange fetishes have evolved into what they are today. Yet anther theory as to why female foot worship has become a fetish that many men have today is that in history, women of power actually forced men into worshiping their feet as a symbol of respect for authority. Since the woman was in power over everyone in their area, they could basically turn their men into peasants who worshiped their feet and submitted to them, doing anything that the powerful woman wanted them to do without question. These are just a few of the many theories behind why female foot worship has become what it is today – a popular and sometimes controlling fetish that men love to have.

foot worship4 Introducing A High Heel Dominatrix

What you see in the sample clip are my feet. I like to take care of them: pedicures every week, foot massages, good looking shoes and more of that. I am what you would call a real high heel dominatrix. In the picture you can see slave Dieter sucking up on my feet, like the little dog that he is. He will get punished severely for staining my new open heels with his filthy saliva and my revenge shall be sweet. This female foot worship worm will think twice next time he is going to bite the expensive leather belt of my shoes.

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